Hotels near Hat Yai airport
July 18, 2021

Hat Yai is a gateway to the southern part of Thailand that welcomes tourists from every part of the world. This large number of tourists might cause the airport to be crowded. AOT Airport would like to invite you to change the atmosphere and try staying in hotels near the airport. This will help reduce exhaustion from traveling, and it would be nice to get the whole rest before continuing your trip to the city.

1. The Signature Hotel Airport

The premium service is waiting to welcome you, the 5-star hotel with 24-hours service. Fully equipped facilities and service. Provides spacious rooms, private and elegantly furnished. Perfect for the whole family. Furthermore, it is not far from the Kim Yong Market and the city.


Distance from the airport: 4.4 kilometers


2. Southern Airport Hotel

The hotel provides considerate service and friendly staff. Clean interior, spacious, perfect to come with family, especially for the senior members. Besides the excellent atmosphere, a large swimming pool, and pleasant scenery, the hotel also provides a shuttle bus service to the airport.

Distance from the airport: 3.4 kilometers


3. Nutchana Hill Boutique Hotel

If you are looking for a decent boutique hotel that is easy to travel to, near the airport and provides a pleasant mountain view, this hotel is a perfect option. Located by the main road and at the high point, you can enjoy the scenery clearly. Provides spacious and clean rooms in many sizes.


Distance from the airport: 13.7 kilometers


4. AL Fahad Hotel

A brand new hotel for Muslims and ones who prefer the elegant retreat in a peaceful vibe. This place differs from other hotels in the design, service, and Halal food service.

Distance from the airport: 11.2 kilometers


5. PS Sriphu Hotel

The hotel that gives you a princess retreat at a budget-friendly price. Spacious interior with the Modern Loft vibes. Offers you comprehensive and considerate services and a warm and friendly welcome.

Distance from the airport: 10.6 kilometers


6. The Habita Hatyai

Staying in style with the hotel in the city's heart with a unique design. In minimal style interior, clean, and private. Apart from the pleasant guestrooms, this place provides a friendly atmosphere with a nice view for you to chill out on your holiday amidst a green garden, sipping tasty drinks.

Distance from the airport: 14.6 kilometers


7. Hatyai Signature Hotel

The hotel is designed explicitly for retreat. Sense the Songkhla vibes through the decoration. The guestrooms have all the Songkhla culture. From the Smila Beach, Chio-Portuguese style architecture, to the Kim Yong Market, you can travel around Hat Yai in this one hotel. Fully equipped facilities include a swimming pool, bar, restaurant, and shuttle bus service to the airport and Kim Yong shopping area.

Distance from the airport: 14.3 kilometers


8. Crystal Hotel Hatyai

Wrap off the list with the luxury hotel in the city's center, not too far from the airport. Decorated in modern style and fully equipped facilities for every visitor.


Distance from the airport: 16.7 kilometers

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