You won't miss your flight with these five different style accommodations near the airport.
January 6, 2022

Those who had planned a vacation or business trip in Hat Yai but still have no idea where to stay; if your accommodation is too far, you might miss your flight back. Worry no more, since we have already selected accommodations near Hat Yai International Airport for you. Starts from 600 baht per night hotels to super-luxury resorts. Complete with quality, equipped with facilities as your preference.


1. Southern Airport Hotel

Only 2.6 kilometers distance from the airport, the large hotel with calm and private atmosphere, perfect for family trips. Provides clean guestrooms and fully equipped facilities. And most importantly, the hotel offers a 24 hours shuttle bus service to the airport, free of charge.


Location: 2129 Village No. 6, Sanambin-Lopburiramet Road, Khuan Lang Subdistrict, Hat Yai District, Songkhla Province


2. Nutchana Hill Boutique Hotel

You are at the right place for those tired of staying in a room-type accommodation. 'Nutchana Hill Boutique Hotel,' only 5 kilometers away from the airport, is designed to be a guesthouse-type accommodation for your ultimate privacy. Gives you a sense of staying at home, with a spacious guesthouse with a lot of usable space, perfect for your retreat. With attentive services, the ideal place to stay with your family and friends.

Location: 1395 Moo 1, Sanambin-Lopburiramet Road, Khuan Lang Subdistrict, Hat Yai District, Songkhla Province


3. The Signature Hotel Airport

The perfect atmosphere with pleasant scenery, 'The Signature Hotel Airport.' For travelers who prefer a convenient commute, this hotel is located just 1.4 kilometers away from Hat Yai airport. Provides many types of rooms, clean and fully equipped facilities, and services.

Location: 2447 Lopburi Ramet Road - Airport, Hat Yai International Airport, Khlong La, Songkhla


4. The Regency Hotel Hatyai

The luxury hotel in the city is only 11.8 kilometers from the Hat Yai airport. Meets the needs of every lifestyle. Elegantly decorated from the inside and outside. Gives the cultural ambiance with a perfect atmosphere. You can enjoy the whole city scenery. Offers many types of rooms to support every preference.



Location: 13-21 Prachathipat Road, Hat Yai Subdistrict, Hat Yai District, Songkhla


5. Sing Golden Place Hotel

The new Boutique Hotel in the heart of Hat Yai combines the design of hotels and resorts style to meet the modernity of the city's hotels seamlessly. Distinctive interior, you can enjoy the whole scenery from the city to the mountains.

Location: 16/1 Phadung Phakdi Road, Hat Yai Market Area, Hat Yai, 90110

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